Vantaca's Software Developers are often thought of as Renaissance men and women - they have many responsibilities and are equally adept at each (if you want to dress up in Renaissance costumes that’s cool too, it honestly sounds like fun and the rest of the team might join you).


Curious about what your typical days at Vantaca will look like? Well, you'll be participating as a member of a Scrum Development team, and within that team you'll advise and coordinate with Product Owners on scope, risk and development options to complete various projects. You will also be performing detailed code reviews and enforcing development processes and code standards among team members. Independently completing complex coding tasks as part of two-week sprint cycles will be part of your job too, as will maintaining current knowledge of the software development landscape and being prepared to introduce new approaches to the team. And, of course, you'll be responsible for sustaining and curating a comprehensive knowledge of coding and design as well as facilitating communication across the development team.

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