From Grass Roots Ideas

to a Fast Growing Tech Company 

So, you may be asking, why in the world did we decide to create this product? Well, there are a few reasons. Many of our original Vantacans had spent years working in the community association management industry and thereby were no strangers to management software. In fact, in our combined experience we had probably tried about every single product on the market. But somehow, the very tools that were meant to make our jobs easier were making them more complicated. 


So we had an idea… why not create something ourselves? Something that would provide solutions to these challenges that we were constantly facing and that would carry out the functions that we actually needed it to in the way it was supposed to. So we set out on a mission. A mission to create some funky fresh management software.


There were basically four needs we discovered that were not being met by current products on the market. Those were:

  • Technology that was adaptable to each businesses' philosophy 

  • A platform to automate processes and create efficiency

  • Customized, real-time communication for the company, homeowners and board members

  • A fully mobile product


So with those needs in mind, we of course needed someone to make it happen, right? Well that's where our CIO David Gunn came in. He has masterminded some of the best association management software the industry has seen. But he too was dissatisfied with what was currently available on the market. So we sent a group of secret operatives to wait outside of his house late at night and… ok fine, that didn't happen, we called him and talked and he was totally on board.

What is Vantaca? 

Vantaca is something of a FinTech start-up that is growing at a pace beyond its wildest expectations. We are also a team of people who really love every aspect of innovation through software - from developing it to helping others learn how to use it. Here at Vantaca, we are transforming association management software (don't worry, you'll learn more about that in a bit) by continually creating the most innovative product on the market.

What is Community Association Management? 

But… what is community association management? Although this is a huge industry that affects almost all of us in some way shape or form, few people really know what it is. First we must tell you what we mean when we say association.  There are many associations that fall under this definition, HOA, COA, Co-Ops, and Commercial. We will use HOA as an example:  A Homeowner’s Association is a corporation registered with the state and managed by an elected Board of Directors. Its purpose is to govern the affairs of the community in accordance with its governing legal documents. The corporation is financially supported by all members of the community. Associations also set out certain rules that all residents must follow called covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). Membership is both automatic and mandatory and conveyed with the purchase of the property.


Most of the time, these associations hire management companies to help with financials, taking minutes at meetings, providing guidance to the board, organizing maintenance projects, among other things. Depending on the size of the management company, the number of individual homes managed can quickly add up into the tens of thousands and that is a lot for the management company to keep up with. That is where the need for the quick, flexible, reliable software comes in.


What does Vantaca mean?

Pronounced [Van-Tic-Ah]
And where did we come up with the name Vantaca? Is that even a word?  There was a lot of brainstorming involved and the words "advantage, community, association" kept getting thrown around a lot which led to "Advantage to your Community Association" and from that (and several exhausted brainstormers who probably wanted to go home) came Vantaca! 


From day one Vantaca has really taken off and that is why we need awesome people like you to join our team - this is just the beginning of the story and we want you to help us write the next chapters.

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