Kaley D'Erminio
Implementation Consultant

What has your experience been so far coming into your first job/career straight from college? Has it been what you expected? 

From the start the motto has been to just "dive head first" and it has been a very challenging but an amazing learning opportunity so far. I've had to navigate obstacles on my own, providing experiences that I know I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. Since we are still a relatively new company, it has been up to us (the core group and others who have recently joined the Vantaca team) to think about what we need/want for future employees joining our team and it is that, which has made this experience so far amazing.


What do you like about the culture of Vantaca?

The culture here at Vantaca is definitely "work hard, play hard".  Everyone here goes above and beyond to make sure our clients and our team are getting the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.  At the same time we also have a very unique team, that makes coming into work fun and exciting despite the sometimes long/challenging days that might follow.

What do you value the most about working at Vantaca?

The drive that everyone has in the sense that everyone wants to do their job but beyond that everyone wants to do their job well and that's what I think will allow us to really take off as a company and as a team!


What kinds of fun/non-work related activities do you guys do together?

All kinds of things from seeing movies, getting drinks, planning the big holiday Christmas party, making office superlatives and although it hasn't happened yet, having an office "bake off" where everyone has to bring in a baked good and we see who is the best office baker...lol.


What has been your most exciting "win" or achievement so far at Vantaca? 

For me, my biggest achievement is not having any background in IT, software or really anything technology related and finding myself 6 months from now having 5 clients and successfully onboarding them onto our software. 

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